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Lights, Camera, Kitchen...Electrical Recommendations for Your Kitchen



Bath tub in KitcenThere are two rooms in every home that should be well lit. Without question, they are the bathroom and kitchen. It's important to have the proper light placement and access to outlets. The average kitchen in the United States is approximately 300 square feet, or 30 feet by 10 feet. Are you already thinking your own kitchen is less than average in measurement? Don't worry, I am too! But depending on whether or not you enjoy cooking, this could be irrelevant. Let's take a look at some of the recommendations for kitchens.


How many outlets should you have in your kitchen?

Building codes require a certain amount of space between outlets on kitchen countertops. It's also necessary to have at least one on the side of a kitchen island. Island outletIn addition, you will also need outlets for your stove, microwave, garbage disposal and dish washer. To avoid a "cluttered" backsplash, power strips can be installed under the wall cabinets. This allows convenient access to outlets without the eyesore and also avoids interrupting the design of the backsplash. Remember, to always use a licensed electrician for any electrical work! Here's a great example of under cabinet outlets and lighting.

Outlets under cabinet resized 600




What kind of lighting should I choose for my kitchen?

Installing the right kind of kitchen lighting can help with better food preparation. Professional grade kitchens are bright and filled with lighting. It's not necessary for a home kitchen to be lit to that extent. Before choosing what type of fixture to install, first inspect your kitchen and decide where the work stations are. For example, where do you use the cutting board? And do you need a prep area for making coffee or mixing ingredients? Kitchen work station lightingTask lighting, or direct beams of light, will be best over these areas as they'll illuminate the space making for easier preparations. Task lighting is the most common type of lighting used in a kitchen.


Recessed lighting is one of the most popular choices for kitchen lighting. I personally love the clean and discreet look. This lighting style provides direct light over work stations and allows for even distribution.


Pendant lights are also a favorite choice for kitchens. These lights hang from the ceiling from a single chord and can be position directly over sinks or stoves.


Another option for lighting during a kitchen remodel would be under cabinet lights. This option is most feasible when installing new cabinetry since cutting and wiring is involved with the cabinets themselves. 


Check out this example of combining under cabinet lights with smaller pendant lights.

Kitchen lighting


Be careful what kind of bulbs you choose to use. Review our recent blog on lightbulbs for a better understanding of the differences. Choosing a bulb that's too harsh can lead to headaches, while selecting one that isn't bright enough can cause eye strain.


Floor lighting with sensors are an option to consider if you have young children, or even for an elderly loved one's home. 

Kitchen floor lighting


No matter what type of lighting you choose, make sure it suits your taste, budget and purpose!


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